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Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions

Why should you work with us?

Our firm is built on family values and doing what's right. Entering into a relationship with a financial firm is not a simple decision. The FIT must be there. Both parties must mesh well together when it comes to philosophy, process, expectations and personality.

How is Milestone Financial Group compensated?
As a dually registered financial firm, we may be compensated by project-based fees, asset-based advisory fees, and with strategies such as life and health insurance or annuities, we receive commission-based compensation. Our asset-based advisory fees range from 1.20% to .90% depending upon the total portfolio invested with our firm. Our financial planning project-based fees range from $0 to $5,000 depending upon the complexity of the planning engagement and the type of relationship with our firm.
Can I still work with you if I don't live in Red Oak, Bellevue or in the Omaha area?

Absolutely! Our firm has been serving clients throughout the Midwest and the entire country since 1963. By utilizing the latest technology, we are able to meet virtually with our clients throughout the United States. Though we enjoy working in person, we realize that is not always possible. Therefore, we are able to accommodate or make it easier by meeting flexibly anywhere you have an internet connection.

Do I need a certain amount of money to work with you?

Each relationship is based on what we refer to as our FIT Process. Investments are part of that determination, but not the sole factor as indicated above. Therefore, there is not a set minimum in assets that we use as a cutoff point. Because our relationships go far beyond only your assets, this will be discussed as part of the FIT Process.

Can’t I just do all of this financial planning myself?

Absolutely. If you are a small business owner, a federal employee or someone looking to retire after a successful career, you are most likely organized, sharp and detailed-oriented. The more relevant question is: do you want to navigate this journey alone? Do you possess the knowledge, time, discipline and follow-though to craft a financial roadmap and hold yourself accountable to that plan?

There can be tremendous merit to having a team of trained professionals that act as a disinterested third-party to help you make rational decisions not based on emotion. Strategic reviews of your planning also help hold you accountable along your journey.

What does comprehensive financial planning for small business owners and self-employed professionals look like?

The business structure and level of complexity for each small business, or professional firm, will determine what planning services their engagement will include. All planning relationships are built utilizing our Discovery, Design, Deploy and Deliver process. Individual plans are created specifically for your business and your planning objectives.

What does financial planning for employees in public service include?

Each federal, state, and public employees' retirement situation is unique. Though the rules may seem pretty straightforward, how they are best utilized will vary. Understanding how rules and best practices vary from each of the federal employee programs such as CSRS to FERS to CSRS-Offset is only the beginning. In addition, each state's public employee benefits program is unique as well. Rules will vary by state (IPERS, NPERS, etc.) as well as area of service. The type of retirement (normal, early, etc.) and department you work in will also have a major impact on the strategies and planning available to you.

I'm not a business owner, professional or looking at retirement. Can I still work with MFG?

Of course. Milestone Financial Group, Inc. has been serving clients from all walks of life since 1963. We extend the same level of care and planning to all of our clients regardless of their occupation, life events they are facing, or opportunities that are before them.

Do I have to pay for my first meeting with you?

No. The Discovery Meeting is the first step in our process so that we may get acquainted and see if we are a good FIT to work together. That's it, no strings attached. In fact, we do not allow anyone to sign on to become a client until we have both had time to sleep on it. When someone joins our family of MFG clients, we believe that it should be a solid fit and a long-term commitment for both parties.